Nestle NAN Optipro HA 3 Gold - 800g

Nestle NAN Optipro HA 3 Gold - 800g

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Nan Optipro HA 3 Toddler is a premium, nutrient-enriched milk supplement specially formulated with age appropriate ingredients to help supplement your toddler's diet from 1 year of age when energy and nutrient intakes may not be adequate. It contains 14 essential vitamins and minerals to support healthy growth and development, plus a probiotic, Bifidus BL. Nan Optipro HA 3 Toddler milk is Lipid Smart, which means it contains a special blend of good fats. It also has no added sucrose to help support good eating habits. Just 2 serves per day of Nan Optipro HA 3 Toddler milk provides your child with an average of at least 50% of the recommended dietary intake of calcium, iron, zinc, iodine and vitamins B1, B2, C, D and E.
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